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How Do I get Started?
Let us know you're interested in having a website through the contact page on this website. We'll get back to you within 24 hrs to schedule a FREE interview. The interview will help us to gain a better sense of your website objectives. In preparation for the interview, think about the purpose your website will serve. Do you want to attract additional customers? Do you want to sell products from your site? Do you want to communicate with your existing client base? Take a look at other websites in your industry for design and content ideas, and make a note of any sites that really catch your eye. Gather marketing materials you may already have for your business, like brochures, flyers and ads. After the interview we will put together a FREE, NO-obligation estimate and price quote for you, and you can decide if you're ready to move forward with us.

What do you mean by 'FULL-SERVICE'?
There are four major aspects to having a website: Domain Name, Hosting, Design & Development, and Maintenance. Some web-design companies will only develop and maintain your website, and leave the sometimes unfamiliar and intimidating task of securing a domain name and hosting services up to you. Not us! We are your one-stop shopping company, and will do it all for you at a very reasonable price! We can even create a mailbox based on your domain name! ...and if the terms Domain Name, Hosting and Mailbox are causing your head to spin, DON'T WORRY, we'll explain it all to you during our initial interview.

What do you mean by 'CUSTOM'?
Each website we design and develop is created from scratch - we never use templates!

How much will this cost me?
The final cost to design, develop and maintain your website will, of course, depend on how dymanic and complex of a site you are looking for. A standard, 4 page 'html' site could cost as little as $600! Check out our Services & Pricing page for full details.

What if I don't like it?
Our Website Design process is interative in nature. We'll take in what you give us and work with you to develop a framework, colorscheme and content for your review. We'll then take your feedback and make changes. We understand that sometimes you don't know what you want until you see it, and sometimes you don't know what you DON'T want until you see it. Our company has a 100% satisfaction guarantee - we'll keep going until we get it right!

Can I make changes after the site launch?
Included in the standard price is a 3-month post launch maintenance contract. We'll happily make small tweaks to your site up to 3 months after its official launch, to include minor wording changes, minor image changes, etc. Errors found on the site, like 'typos', broken links or formatting issues will always be rapidly corrected at no charge to you for the life of your website.

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